Rent a car Cluj Napoca - efficient car rental in Cluj

Starting from:
Ford Focus 15 €
Skoda Fabia 15 €
Ford Focus Caravan 21 €
VW Passat 21 €
Opel Astra Caravan 21 €
Opel Zafira 21 €
VW Golf VI 21 €
Skoda Superb 23 €


    Quality car rental in Cluj: a variety of cars at your disposal, completely equipped for safety and comfort.

    Rent the car you like from our car fleet in Cluj Napoca to make your holiday or business trip a pleasant experience. It's quick and easy - just book the car and pick it up at the airport or anywhere
you like in Cluj !
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    You are guaranteed friendly, efficient service, quality current model vehicle and affordable rental rates. When you book through Parc Auto we guarantee there will be NO HIDDEN EXTRAS, or unpleasant surprises when you pick up your rented car.

Rent a car Cluj - Napoca has many special car rental discounts to allow you to choose the best rates to suit your budget.

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Contact us:

S.C. Parc Auto S.R.L
Cluj Napoca, Airport - Traian Vuia 101 / B
Mobile: +40-745-615755 (English & German)
Mobile: +40-746-150353 (English)

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Auto Walter - Rent a car Cluj Napoca

Starting from:
Skoda Superb 23 €
Opel Vivaro 38 €
VW T5 38 €
Audi A4 38 €
Audi A6 38 €
Opel Antara 38 €
Mercedes R320 48 €
Audi A7 69 €